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[IMG]very splashy.jpg2006-12-29 12:02 306K 
[IMG]hey this is hard work.jpg2006-12-29 11:58 170K 
[IMG]Worried__nah__we_re not worried_.jpg2006-12-29 12:02 243K 
[IMG]What_ exactly_ are you looking at__.jpg2006-12-29 12:02 194K 
[IMG]Vets _amp_ boyz back paddle after very stern warning.jpg2006-12-29 12:02 282K 
[IMG]Tim uses childs crayon to good effect.jpg2006-12-29 12:01 399K 
[IMG]Simon and Nick at Molsey.jpg2006-12-29 12:01 254K 
[IMG]Senior start gets splashy.jpg2006-12-29 12:00 359K 
[IMG]Seniors easing their way to the start.jpg2006-12-29 12:01 282K 
[IMG]Richmonds impression of the italian job.jpg2006-12-29 12:00 312K 
[IMG]Our chaps about to remove rudder from boat.jpg2006-12-29 12:00 298K 
[IMG]Ollie pauses mid stroke for a photo opportunity.jpg2006-12-29 12:00 308K 
[IMG]Mermaid_ Mermaid_ oh__a seal.jpg2006-12-29 12:00 250K 
[IMG]Lizzie _amp_ Caroline at teddington.jpg2006-12-29 11:59 310K 
[IMG]Lindi has enough left for a smile__not sure about Marius.jpg2006-12-29 11:59 190K 
[IMG]Just messin about mostly.jpg2006-12-29 11:59 257K 
[IMG]Just a little bit of bling goes a long way.jpg2006-12-29 11:59 196K 
[IMG]If I close my eyes it_ll all go away.jpg2006-12-29 11:58 182K 
[IMG]Henry_s shorts vaporise competition.jpg2006-12-29 11:58 265K 
[IMG]Henry_s shorts shorts gawp at the crowd.jpg2006-12-29 11:58 147K 
[IMG]Graham squeezes spot on knee Dylan practicies reef knot.jpg2006-12-29 11:57 642K 
[IMG]Grahams criminal career takes yet another turn.jpg2006-12-29 11:58 217K 
[IMG]Good hats are sooo hard to find.jpg2006-12-29 11:57 187K 
[IMG]Girls are cooking on gas.jpg2006-12-29 11:57 362K 
[IMG]Girls _amp_ Mixed start.jpg2006-12-29 11:57 245K 
[IMG]Crowd gawp at Henry_s shorts.jpg2006-12-29 11:56 273K 
[IMG]Competitors distracted by shorts wearer during seans briefing.jpg2006-12-29 11:56 182K 
[IMG]Carnage at Molsey.jpg2006-12-29 11:56 282K 
[IMG]Bit of rudder trouble at the start.jpg2006-12-29 11:56 240K 
[IMG]A Junior takes a little longer than expected.jpg2006-12-29 11:55 163K 

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