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Fundraising Update

November 2005

We've now broken through the £23,000 mark - thanks to so many of you for your donations. You know who you are.

That kind Mr Brown has returned some tax payers money courtesy of Gift Aid, adding £930 to the funds.

Thanks also to Windlesham Dawn Lodge, one amongst many organisations who have donated money to the new Clubhouse funds.

More news and updates as they come.


Shed Steady, Building Imminent

May 2005


As of 11th May, contracts were signed for the freehold of the Club House and building work is imminent.


Teething troubles of the shed are almost sorted - anyone fancy sorting out the slow draining sink - so now we can roll onto a summer with an improvised balcony (the wall), sitting area (picnic spot) and watch as the clubhouse gets bigger and better.

Thanks to the Fab 3 for the negotiations, all at the club for getting us this far. And to those lovely people at Leander Estates for helping us stay where we want to be

Landsdowne Boathouse
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Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW10 6UT
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