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  Gallery 2004  
 Great River Race 2004 

That's us! A message from our sponsors A pre-race capsize
.. good job I had my camera Chris.. ..blimey..another one..we are the experts Cap'n Ahab
Feck..how many miles? Nice hat Spyce We're not going to get caught with our snickers down
Spyce's lucky socks The Balcony waits... ..and waits..
Mount'em up! move'em out! ooow lookin' uhhhgleee Right nuff of this, letsgo
Trev's bum Thumbs up, good luck, Titanic and all that.. Victory for Richmond...
Mohicans head for the start line Charmie looks pensive
They might know what they're doing ...as do we!.. Which way to the velodrome?
Hey, they've been practicing Trev heads for the gap..Trev! what GAP! He's in the wrong boat
Calm B4 the storm Danes rest B4 pilaging downstream The Killip outriders join the press launch
Ed has no idea what he's in for Starting number please Doh! timing guys, timing..
Great start for Richmond Chasing the Dragon at Richmond Bridge
C'mon boyz! how easy is this?..easy..very easy Er Dad..we're sinking..
The Elk takes timeout for a photo shoot The Balconey roars its approval Richmond get past the White cross without stoppping for a pint
The Mohicans take on the safety boat.. ..and with Marky P putting in some effort.. ..they take it and 241 to boot....
Flying the flag Steppin' up Emergency steering from our man in the front
Spyce gives her dad some much needed instruction Tim feels the pace ..as do Ed & Pete..
Now that looks good Jack (or is it Ben?) takes a critical view We REALLY like this!
Don't leave me with this lot..help..

Landsdowne Boathouse
81-83 Petersham Road
Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW10 6UT
United Kingdom

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