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  Gallery 2005  
 Fund Day 24 September 2005 

Yeeee...Hah... More serious stuff before the off Marcus Thanks god for calm weather
As do his proteges Lady Mayoress gets the hang of it (easy really) Its MY BOAT and no one else can play with it!!
Does my head look big in this? So who told Mrs Kramer - no change of clothing required? The Mayoress clearly loves it!
The Mayor of Westminster says its terribly hard but my wife says its terribly easy..what do you think? Mayor of Richmond brings his own heavies.. Mayor of Westminster spots supermodel on far bank
(Mayor of Richmond)..and you say you know her? It was you that told Mrs K no change of clothes needed...wasn't it...might have been Blimey! they've started- Eds in the lead! Blimey and heck
Mini Eds give chase...to Ed..if that makes sense Rest of Club give chase to th Eds..I think Phil? Phil? Is that you? It is! it is!
Crowd heads for Richmond Bridge.. ..Well some of them.. Seniors give it a go go go
National Marathon Champ gives it some gas The bridge is very polular for some reason..doh..its a race.. Eds still in it..go Ed go!
Take a breather Ed..well done Nice one Karl.. Junior Eds make it too..
Racers coming in thick and fast now Freddie takes a short cut Hi...Yeah..Hi
Now how did I get that wet? Wonder if anyone saw the Junior Marathon Champion fall in.. The Swimmers return..
Hey Warnie hows the offspin? Hey Neil...better than your paddling Wonder if anyone saw me, the Junior Marathon Champion, fall in...
oh no you didn't see me fall in did you? What...the Junior Marathon Champion fall in..maybe.. Now, did I leave the gas on? Afternoon Isobelle, having a good time? Good..very good
It says here I don't need a change of clothes..are you sure thats true...definitely They call me Mellow Nelo..oh oh.. So Susan says - I don't need a change of clothes - unbelievable..
Robin, I dont need a change of clothes do I..no shouldnt think so So have you done much rowing Tim? Stick with me - you'll learn something Henry learns that the MP for Richmond - Susan Kramer - doesn't have a change of clothes
Rest of crew tries to hide embarrassment at lack of spare clothes OK lets make this really good..but no splashing OK? Let the VIP Bell Boat race begin!!!
Blue boat looking amazing Red boat looks a bit splashy..oops Red boats a loser Trevor gives them the Hair Dryer treatment
Towpath punters study the form Red boat loses again!! Blue boat is clear winner...
Last race - Mayor of Westminster gives everything he's got..including bling.. Its soooooo close that i miss the finish - so heres a shot of some more juniors (well done evryone)
Bike accident...honest Ollie the inscruitble Thank god we didn't kill the Mayor
He's looking fit and well...put the defib away Tim's made it too but then he is a gold medal athelete 1, 2, 3 4...In fact we didn't lose any VIPs...
Fnnark! hee hee..Who told you not to bring any spare clothes!!...Peter...get your coat...ok.. The Brai is smmmmoookin... The drivers is reeeeeadin
The Mayor is a talllllkin ..and they're still awake after 30 secs...good going Tim.. ..Susan Karmer MP - Supporting the year of the volunteer thanks our very best Volunteers
Robin tells us how fab he thinks it is ..and we thinks hes fab..not in a love fest way you understand?.. Dunno what hes doing in this one - chatting to his drinking buddy Mr Joiner..possibly..
Robin and Susan fight over tea towel Susan wins Tim breaks up fight
Crowd looks on as tea towel is folded Juniors bog off in a boat Ed coaches future Olympic sprint team (thanks Ed)
Bing Bang Bong
Its late ..very late.. ..you won't believe how late it is..

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