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[IMG]and wave at anyone that looks like an IOC bod.jpg2007-06-30 15:10 267K 
[IMG]Zdenka laughs at square eyes..wotch it.jpg2007-06-30 15:10 254K 
[IMG]Well done splendid finish!!.jpg2007-06-30 15:10 214K 
[IMG]Well done Wales hang on isnt that Neville.. er.. Jones.jpg2007-06-30 15:10 212K 
[IMG]Tim warms his hands.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 154K 
[IMG]Sheila and Bruce.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 212K 
[IMG]Scottish team outraged by English antics.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 242K 
[IMG]Quick game of hide and seek before the start.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 106K 
[IMG]Nick examines algae on wall..Bruce trys to make light of tights..sheila wants to go home.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 294K 
[IMG]Nice shot of blue post...very nice Mr Bailey.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 216K 
[IMG]Nice one Grant.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 280K 
[IMG]Mr Wynne surveys the classy opposition.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 179K 
[IMG]Jeeze bruce what have you got me into.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 231K 
[IMG]Irish boat stops for a photo Tim finishes some way behind the rest of his crew.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 231K 
[IMG]Im Lord Mayor Elect so you have to let me win.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 173K 
[IMG]I fearlessly scare off man stealing our trailer.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 273K 
[IMG]Ian first out despite having pram attatched to stern.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 323K 
[IMG]Henry first out from Richmond.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 222K 
[IMG]Graham..looking more like his dad evry day.jpg2007-06-30 15:09 213K 

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