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  Gallery 2005  
 The Chrsitmas Party 2006 

Craig and Neil share a joke about Neil's dirk Its early..people are still scrubbing up well Well well well...who'd have thought?
Potential camera shake material... I'm starting to enjoy this.. Has he been to spec savers..the audience says..
Da Greasbys Lady Mayoress looks less than convinced by the Craig n Peter show Our friends from accross the water..the big bit..not Eel Pie
Great shot Neil...great shot (this is what you're paying for Henry) Our very own Hungarians! Our very own..er..girls!
Chow down Tim does the rapper gold chain thing Stella gets its first (by no means last) product placement of the evening
Cezch Check Cheque..you work it out I don't usually drink Stell..and..wine..together Now..I went paddling this morning..
Trevor still in control of his bow tie...just..man behind, in control of his thoughts..just Tim tries his hand at Kareokee (the phonetic version) Shutter speed, aperture, flash synch all come together for a perfect shot (Riparian trophy if you can't tell!)
Fran startled by large bear..Peter adjusts curtains Jordan, you're standing on my foot!..I'm bovvered right? Boo!
Caroline opens book on Chris's next mistletoe victim..Chris puts a fiver on himself Girls flock round Chris, the misteltoe..and his fiver Its not Stella but it is BEER..DO I HEAR 20 POUNDS!!
30 QUID!! Rock and Roll..the auction in full swing Tony shocks sensitve canoe club women with massage parlour anecdote..nice one Tone Henry and Richard get into the spirit...Richard seen here bidding for Queen's corgis (just out of shot)
Dylan considers his bid...He's in tough company Dinner with the mayor with yer man der!! Henry forks out serious money for the services of the clubs leading (only) photographer. See you in the studio then?
Sean also a taker for the clubs only (leading) snapper Trevor loses control of his bow tie, Tim loses control, Sarah..very much in control No really..THIS BIG...Sarah's turn to lose control..
Tony hears the word massage again... Some footie memorabelia up for grabs Tim offers up Netties paddling services...
I'm not sure what Kim was offering and I'm not sure why I didn't bid. Whatever it was My..my..look at those fivers.. Party organiser (well done Sonia!) takes a well earned rest
Zdenka grabs the camera...Stella makes one of her last appearances Why didn't I bid? Was it for babysitting or something...I could've borrowed one! Hey Roly..get out on the river mate
Joe puts in a guest appearance Wheres my Stella have you seen her? Gold lettering...5% I do lover her I'm just checking out what I'm getting for 60 quid, no harm in that..just asking..Sarah won't mind, she's not the jealous type.
Colin debags Phil with nothing more than a bottle of champers and a tin opener Last appearance of Stella this evening...Graham and Phil finsh comparing shirts.. No! I was wrong..just one more Stella..just the one
Happy Chrsitmas Jordan and Richard perform the last rites...

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