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  Gallery 2005  
 Richmond Marathon 24 October 

Fran & Peter work out the registration stuff Yeah! Richmond rocks! Netty didn't want anyone to know it was her. Is this alright Netty?
Careful...thats nearly art Hey tick tock isn't that a fiver in Graham's hand? 8 miles you say?
Spyce is 757..which is nyce Penny 4 your thoughts Dylan? You lookin' and learnin' Sean?
Linda and Sue enjoying the unseasonal weather Eds men make it look easy Crowd dazzeled by reflection from Trophies
Yeah just put another Island in there..no one will notice Crash.. Bang..
Wallop... Splish... Splash
Splosh... Trevor shocked at Bridge?? Nah..just kidding..business as usual
Zdenka easing her way round the turn John easing his way into the bank.. Elmbridge giving chase..I think you'll find we're in front..
Now which Killip is that Ben or Jack? Fredie doing the warmup thing Ed appeasing the god of stability
Yep..its as hard as it looks or as easy.. Daan doing his thing..Phil says sorry by the way..
Nice angles guys..very nice More good angles.. This is looking suspiciously choreographed...
OK..well done..fivers in the post Happy..you bet! I reckon the top line has a 3 in it..no no..It has to be a 4...
The evidence is clear your honour.. Peter's special club singlet gets an outing Small child removes bogie from nose of Div six third place..
Freddy gets to chose which distintive trophy to take home Tony gets in on the trophy fest Richmond hit and run pair finally get their collars felt
Tim gets a memento from Trevor..ah..thats nice

Landsdowne Boathouse
81-83 Petersham Road
Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW10 6UT
United Kingdom

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