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  Gallery 2006  
 Club Championships 19th & 20th August (Photos by Neil) 

Its the sprints..rafts hotting up So hot..that someones cooled right down and taking it easy.. "The wall"..makes itself heard (or rather: Seen)
Look this way! look this way! ok look that way (sulk) aha someone looking THIS way ..and that way.. ball tampering!
Where's the finish? Dunno.. Whats the parachute for? Skydiving...right Nick assumes "Just passing the raft" technique Well would you just look at those shirts..15 quid from Trevor
Photoshop struggled with this one..best I could do Karl Splish Splash GO!! Div 1/2/3 make it off the start Div 4/5/6 await the starters gun nervously (a semi automatic pistol if you must know) they're off, everyone survives (poor shooting Ulrik)
Napolean surveys his troops... Charge!...Marcus off to a flyer The battle for the front hots up...Henry loses his shirt...Calm down everyone! K1s aren't the only fruit...Paul hunts for surf
Big Ed stretches out while Sonia and Sarah nip at his heels close quarters and no-one is giving any..quarter Juniors finally get to leave the start line
Every inch of the river is pressed into use John looking relaxed...that could be shock.. Neil and Jo in their last race before leaving for Winchester The camera lied....close tho, very close
'ard work this.. afternoon.. more 'ard work.. bit of a scrap developing in the under 10s
The one way system appears to have broken down.. Mark and Richard get showered early Richmond riverside looks nice..who are those people ruining the picutre? Aha...Mr M pursues the K2s..
Joe gets hunted down.. Graham modelling the club singlet..oh and paddling Matt strikes out past the club at last a swimmer!! We resuce him despite the gesture

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