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  Gallery 2006  
Interclub Championships (3rd Place!!) September 2/3 Photos by Neil, Ivetta, Spyce, Rebecca and Ben

Josh makes it look soooo easy whats all the fuss? Jack bombs down the 500m course Henry and Jordan gatecrash the Mens C party Ian and Stu Interclub virgins (so to speak) wonder what the 'eck they've let themsleves in for (keep smiling...)
Nettie preapres to race..or is that racing to prepare? Dunno Lizzie tests the temperature and reports it ..."warmish". Which is nice. The Ricmond pogo stick championships commence. Spyce starts with a comendable 104. Brett, considered a "no-hoper" before the event surpises everyone with his 25
Richard wonders if he'll make the Pogo final Spyce's fottwear may be giving her an advantage Becs laughs at Nicks pogo attempt (harsh but fair) Juniors takeover camera
back to the racing...The newly minted Div 5 National champ gives no quarter in the 500M Kim gets shadowed by the safety boat... Jordan and Richard reveal their true status and come second in the 500M Yeah I'm definitely Mens C. Yeah definitly, no I am..really
Whoa!..these guys really are Masters.. Lizzie gets a big cheer for completing the windiest 500 of the day The obligatory windsock photo Bouy o' bouy..sure is windy
Please don't make me go out again Piran contemplates his next race Yikes....get an ambulance! Matt survives with ease...
..as does Josh.. GoooooooAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRN!!! Ladies K4 as viewed from the Tea van Brendon and Brett on their way to second in mens A
..still on their way... Mark on lollipop duty... Any gossip? yeah..Trevor's been taken to hospital with "terrible legs" Richmond's C2 pairing take it easy
Please..oh yes...very pleased Stu, Stu, Barney, M'goo...etc Ha! Ha! no no...we're not hiding the only No 3 board left, are we Raite? Daan doing unnecessary draw strokes (huh)
Lizz n' Kath test the conditions Y'see it was an accident I thought it was a number 4 board, easy mistake, not deliberate at all, Y'see? Raite extracts himself from under the pontoon Mens C K4 home in triumph
I'm just looking for my boat, I'm sure I left it under the pontoon Ah, there it is, some idiot has filled it with water Good job I found it, could've sunk Graham tries out new boat extension
Peter & Raite back from smuggling number boards Daan back from...somewhere else Exactly how deep is this? Mr G gives it up for the camera
Lizzie, Rebecca, Spyce and Kath make up the girls A K4 Jack and the boys looking up for the "windy 500" Start on the right...left?...no the other right...GO! A successful outing..great stuff boys
No, I haven't got a sideline in number boards...I always carry a full set, who doesn't?? Anna complains about smock..."Like a kite" says she. Very fashionable at Richmond CC says I Evetta pretends its windy...not really that bad tho' we did have to nail her feet to the pontoon for this shot Racing is suspended...disbelief is...not
Wots yellow and black with funny coloured boots? Jordan lets slip that it's his birthday (schoolboy error) "Will the Richmond team leader come to the tower....May we remind paddlers that throwing other paddlers in the water is NOT acceptable" Jordon shows us he's a bigger drip than we thought
Ulrik and Marcus up for a spot of tea and some pogo'ing Brendon prepares for battle Richmond stand around on pontoon...other people leave Pogo championships begin...Jordan with an underwhelming 4 hops
Lizzie with 104!! Ulrik doesn't appear to trouble the scorers with his effort Trevor after "Terrible Legs" emergency surgery. Not successful apparently Nick does a creditable 4.5 hops taking him to second place
Neil asks god where he's hidden all of the number boards (I think we know who and where) K4 looking mean and hungry (no lunch I think)

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