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  Gallery 2006  
 Frank Luzmore K2 Race - Jan 2006 Photos by Neil Thomas 

Trevor appeals for calm.. Roger contemplates 2 hours of Sonias driving Yeah...whatever..
Trev been going for a full 30 seconds now..... And Richmond is er...downstream...possibly Its nice to be out...(The Stereos)
Pugh, Pugh Barney McGrew Cuthbert, Dibble
Grubb.. Dead sheep! dead sheep!...oh no, a hat.. You ready? I'm ready
(Trevor) Stop! Stop! Stop! W-I-L-L YOU SSSSTOPPP OK...GO!!!!
Mens B gets off without incident...or does it? ..Richmond paddlers gang up to pin opposition to the bank Job done..we're outta here...
Junior chaps are off and so am i... ..To Molesey where the Senior chaps are piling in C'mon Richmond!!!!
Peter sports Southpark headgear..Kenny? vote now.. Mark and Simon clatter thru.. Synchronised egress..these two have been practicing...
Piran looking chilly... You first..no no..your were here first surely? Fay and Lizzie make light of the slippery slope...in bare feet..
Not far now! Ok..its miles and miles and miles... Brake or you'll hit Kenny! (votes are in folks) Rox..yeah Liz, what?..is that Kenny from Southpark?
You can tell its a Richmond paddler...never knowingly overdressed in the footwear dept.. Sonia talks Roger thru the portage...Roger feigns deafness.. Belinda manages to colour coordinate headgear with seats..Graham's sartorial neglect continues
You don't often see white hats and this is a very fine example Which way is it?? At last! Ed & Ollie understandably bringing up the rear..
Phew! thats it for another year..(Someone tell Ed its only halfway)

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