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  Gallery 2006  
Photos by Neil Thomas

Hi Mum...I'll be late for dinner I'm paddling with the Olympic champion..no really it's true! O2 brings the Glastonbury vibe to Richmond Happy smiley people are..happy. And smiley. Cor! This is exciting.
Crowds expectant. And a bit damp. K2 football underway..England lose on penalties, Germany go on to win the cup. Nick's just mentioned to Caroline that he's available for coaching sessions should Potsdam need him. Can entertain...can't canoe?
.....Whata finish! Ronald suprises Kim Ben our current Lightening champion gives the olympic champion some tips Vicky and Tim in a drier moment Freddie looks forward to celebrations
Two-oh as they're now known ooops, Hattie's power to much for Tim Vicky keeps her hair dry..just. Ronald shuns hair protector... Schaudenfreude?? You bet!
Embarrassed? Nah, die wasser war zehr schon nein? Can entertain? Tony show's 'em how Hellooooo Katrin Kim tells Ronald about our rat problem
Becks slugs it out with the big guns Crackin pace set by Kim Timiings tricky when you can't see over the side of the cockpit GOoooooooooooo
These chaps take the Olympics VERY seriously Ronald adjusts his footrest...and his rat Girls leave the boys eating foam The "Last of the Mohicans" reenactment gets underway
Have you chaps paddled before? They've not paddled much so you'll have a chance in the K1 Bong...Brandenburg meests Trumpton And the er..blue boat with..er..people from Germany in it..Oh! they've scored! Brilliant!
Freddie gets a big hug from Katrin. No, I don't know if he got her phone number. K4s line up for battle Glamour, thats what we're missing. And a clubhouse. Plenty of rats tho... Happy chaps
Trevor's legs get another outing. One for our sponsors (thanks chaps) Pip's only in it for the hugs Ben accepts the prize
Becky gets a certificate from Ronald More hugs for Freddie. Hmmmm... Trevour and Jurgen (Potsdam and O2) get to grips. One from Mr Muncy, nice one.
Another from Mr M, lovely.. Freddy bashing it out Timing.....Take a good long look... Grrrr....look these chaps are on their day off, they ain't really trying. R U Watching?
Looks good...s'pect it felt good..Nettie? Trevor hides his legs

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