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  Gallery 2006  
Great River Race 16th Sept. Photos by Neil Thomas

The sum of the crews IQ or the race number? The crowd does it's sums... It's never to late to attatch bits of wood to the boat is it? Remains of last years pidgeon pie still evident. Flag pole, can't possibly race without a flag, no one would know who we were
Ross searches (in vain) for information on exactly how long the race is ("a couple of miles I think") Piran says the finish isn't Putney..he's kidding right?? The "Anti Wash hanging and Oi You" Launch shoo's errant canoeists of the river Errant canoeist does Tin Tin impression
We need to attatch this number securely so this might hurt. "Ow!!". Yup that's it. It is only to Putney isn't it??? Another C8 newbie asks THE question Richmond take tea. The drink of champions...and Richmond paddlers Charmie cleans out the bagpipes. I think they're bagpipes.
Peter rifles thru the valubles bag. Hey, we're ready!! Richmond decide the tea party is over...mount 'em up, ship 'em out!! Steady...thats antique mahogany y'know I have a green hat and it's VERY VERY big!
Exhausted the crew return to the towpath for more tea...the race waits At last! Crew have been winkled out of their hoding places and press ganged into action. More or less. Yeah baby! Move and groove that thang! Hip hoppity do dah. (this is a 1 am, half bottle of gin caption) Ross! Ross! it's twenty two miles!.....Eh? What? two point two miles?
Usual suspects looking suspiciously suspect. Mind what you do with that mug of water Nettie. The crowd....strangely subdued. Happy tho', you can tell that from the angle of Tom's mug. Mum why is that boat going the wrong way? They're locals son, they know a short cut The club allows rowers to alight from the raft whilst Trevor paints his dad's name on the boat.
Hellooooooo The Marines take time out from their busy schedule to infiltrate and secure the lower reaches of the Thames. (oarsperson to passenger) Is that bloody beer you're drinking! No no it's er...Stella-ade Recovered from their pilaging last year the local Danes give it another go.
Dutch crew slump on the news that the "Rizzla" boat is two miles ahead. Nelson in search of Victory. TONY! is that you? It is... Mmmm nice...hang on..thats a bloke...whatever (2am, three bottles of gin caption)
'Ankers away...Will you just look at those 'Ankers..etc. etc. Downstream seems popular Girls! Safety boat makes sure errant canoesits are kept away from things that might make them more errant. Whey...Hey!!!! "Lovely girls" boat waves at wrong bank.
Wales must be empty that's the 123rd Welsh boat past the raft. Canoeists aren't the only errants on the river. Trevor lends his weekend-wear to passing boat The safety boat gets into the swing of things. Sort of. Harry got lucky by the look it...
Ah ha! Richmond deign to join the festivities, look at 'em go, wheres the fire? (Tea) Dad...lets sneak behind this white boat so Neil can't get a picture. Hee hee, no one can see us Spyce put that paddle down..show 'em you're not really paddling
Dad, can he still see us. No, give him a wave anyway Keep waving..pretend we aren't trying Oh look the club..are we their alreay? Cruising now
Can I put my arm down now dad? No! Keep waving! Huppity Hup-hup-hup! Peter takes one last, wistful, glance at the club. They're gone, no tea 'til Greenwich
Oooooo...someones been training Chasing the Dragon There were alot of boats with girls in them ok? The proclaimers take a break from their world tour to give it some for the Great River Race

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