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  Gallery 2006  
Xmas Party: Photos by Neil & Iveta

Andy discusses secret mulled wine recipe with Czech spy. "Yeah...it's got wine in it" An Elf. You're only coming n if you behave yourself...Yes miss... Hampton Scout Hut takes the strain...
Neil, your hat is much more stupid than mine..t'isnt..tis..t'isnt..tis ....then this candle dropped on me and... Sarah before Ulrik drugs her and makes her wear his hat. I don't normally wear this..but I'm getting to like it..
Even Vikings need to eat Fresh from the outback two old soaks blow in from the street. I know where you got that hat (Claires Accessories) Trevor's dinner
The Killips starve their children again. Aaaarghhhhh!!!! Chow down Hmmmm..
Hatless! Who let this pair in? Peter breaks the news to Sue that he's cut her boat in half (it was an accident apparently) Santas helpers looking mutinous Mexican dancing bean
Where's the reindeer hat Ulrik?...You'll never guess.. Yeah but no but yeah... Father Christmas shakes his stuff. Almost Charlies Angels..almost
What does this hat say to you? Undertaker? Don't mug it girls, don't mug it!! Ok....(sigh) Penny inspects Tony for wax Sue looks happy after amputation at the knee.
Photographer gets too excited and focus' on background...eejit Ivana looking far lovelier than i do in the hat Sue and Phil still talking after the Party 'incident' Look at the glossing! (look closer, the railings)

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