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  Gallery 2007  
Photos by Neil & Zosh

Lovely, no one here yet. The bar is calm At last...People starting to look keen. And the people would be where..exactly? Staff arrive
Sundowner Neil prepares Sean Connery impression. 'Ah shoo, ah..you look..ah lovely..ah..' Jo prepares tongue for the long long nite ahead.... Thank god Paul's here..look the doors sticking could you..?
Either the flash is VERY bright or it's still daylight Neil's sporran undergoing respostioning. No hands obviously... Do you want to see my passport?
You can hide but you can't run (or something) I've seen that look on Ali's face before Sue (thanks for the pint of vodka Su) n' Ali Tevors G string is found
Dance like no ones watching Karen sells Peter for a tenner. Which is 9 quid more than she paid. Balcony gets a coat of varnish Tony makes an indcent proposal
You have to ask..you do have to ask... Lovely..very lovely Self styled 'Agent of Love' prepares to do business. Roger explains his waistcoat theory to Zosh
Ulrik explains what he was adjusting.. Oh my god! Quiche! Its Quiche! The quiche is spotted. Ulrik manages to sound convincing about the 'adjustment' Karen demonstrates how they eat drumsticks in the Southern Hemisphere (with some ceremony it seems)
Hi Zdenks.. Everyone's looking very composed Now we're moving..bar hots up Jo & Su ('Ah shorry..Shoo')...y'know pose and stuff..
Knnnarf!...then I said...Fnnark!..you're gonna 'oot at this...snarggg! Yes..yes..still in order.. Very good..everyones looking lively but well behaved Neil explain errant handbag behaviour...to his relief Neil belives him (not)
Food idenitifcation underway..thats green stuff on french bread..i think Rueful breadstick contemplation. Trevor begins a recital of War and Peace (abridged, so mostly War) Tevor strays dangerously close to 'and another thing' territory...
rescued by a resounding cheer for the club! Alison justly recieves the plaudits.. The door's still sticking.. Yeah..good stuff
Paul H gets mentioned in (hefty) dispatches. (Door's still sticking tho') Party organisers..kim Kim'n Jo (great party) I'd like to mention...
Sean mentions that the door's still sticking and that we've still got alot to do (THE BALCONY) Chris gaurds the balloons from terrorist attack. Tying them to a barbell is should fool them. Well done Chris. Well done. I think we're in full swing.. Craig's sheep takes a sip of his Yaka-ka-ka
Neil turns a blind eye while Catherine rifles the till. No one would ever be stupid enough to ridicule me in a photograph, I'm far to smart for that...way to smart. Catherine judges Neil's smartness for herself. By the light of the cooker, the nights takings are spirited away..Catherine plans her hols, Neil works out how to get spray on tan...off.. Ulrik demonstrates which part of Helen's atire he might adjust
Kim urgently explains to Neil that his sporran has become see-thru since she spilt champagne on it. It's that time of the evening. Roly relaxes his tongue... Piran explains cider to Linda. 'Apples...mostly apples.' Fake shock, like fake fur, is more acceptabe than the real thing.
Chris, relieved of anti-terroirist duties, talks to his hand. Su finds Ivanas toungue...funny. It was that kind of night, that kind of tongue. Tired and emotional Trevor..RESSSSSSSSSTs Vanessa and..and..?
Piran finshes cider explanation..everyone's happy..('It's all apples really..well mostly') I said..I keep my dirk.D.I.R..K in my sock.. Can I adjust your tie? Yeah..baby...yeah..Allan gets into the theme
Rockin' now.. Rocket fuel takes effect Helen adjusts Ulrik's bow tie..Ulrik adjusts Helen's..'thing' Pint of Champers sir..no problem!
Who says we're not cultured? Waistcoat 'String theory' finds another willing victim Happy? YESSSS!!!!! Sonia finds Pirin's cider recipe unbelievable
Chris and Linda discuss quantum physics I want pie now! Sam's been taking make-up lessons from Trevor again  

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