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  Gallery 2007  
Photos by Neil Thomas

Action! Lights! Zosh threatens Ulrik with Cranberry juice..Ulrik stays calm Mr L congratulates Trevor on our splendid clubhouse Left hands a bit high but not bad...sign him...
Ex mayor Robin reknews aquaintance with Trevor Club members look ecstatic as food is dished out Dad...your watch is wrong Mrs L congratulates Hazel on our splendid clubhouse
Right..don't mention 1974 or the events of 78, 91 or 96 and I'd keep quiet about the stuff that happened when.. Many will remember the events of 1974... Mr G looks on with equanamity Plaque is finally unveiled beneath Cherokee war costume
Thanks everyone Trevor congratulates Mayor on getting thru speech without mentioning 1974 BCU debate the efficacy of leather sofas ooowe is that London Pride...dad drinks loads of that
This was all fields orginally Dad..I hate you ...and this was all fields as well Nice tops boys..nice tops
Thats Richmond bridge... Yes..I think one of our K4s has just hit it Demo K1 race hots up ...and hotter still
Peter's pre-do curry makes itself known And the runners are: in the blue boat: Brendon, Kim, Doug and Neil Red boat has Brett, Nettie, Paul, Paul & Mark White boat: Randall, Chris, Nick& Stu
Goewww! Jeez thats close..blue boat has it ooops steering disaster Er...theres a race on y'know
Everyone home safe and sound Paul tries his hand at forgery Jordan tries his hand at Fosters And this is all we've had to sit on for two years..really
..and you say the pink ones are used by girls and boys? ahhh... Ulrik polishes off the London Pride Trevor drives robin to drink..

Landsdowne Boathouse
81-83 Petersham Road
Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW10 6UT
United Kingdom

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