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A Brief History

Starting with the immortal entry below "The Balcony" has grown both in renown and verbosity, mentioned or at least obscurely referred to in all four corners of the empire and The Reading Canoe Club Gossip Section - 17th July 2003. It started life as "The River to Nottingham" but as Nottingham came and went (with much success) and the blogg continued its name needed to change

Youtube canoeistsNow it's gone hi tec ! and we have a page on youtube. where Nick Garner is Vblogging his way through the club.

There are also some great videos showing the best in kayak and canoeing technique, which are a useful suppliment to Tricia's training notes found HERE

Click here to go to the 'canoeists' page on you tube.

If you find an interesting canoeing related video, or you have got some footage, then please email me
nick @nickgarner.co.uk and let me know what you have and lets get it up there!

Sat 5th

Trevor announces K4 training will commence the following Thursday. Puff chest out with pride for being chosen elite. Trevor announces over 35 selection barrier as the only reason rest of club hasn't made the team. I Feign surprise at meeting selection criteria

-- The Balcony is written by an otherwise inconsequential paddler called Neil, unfortunatly for his ambitions of fame and fortune for legal reasons (that he constantly reminds us of) we are only able to mention his first name here

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