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Can anyone race in a marathon race?

Yes. There are 9 divisions, starting from near-beginners in Division 9 with promotion leading to Div 8, Div 7 and so forth. Ask your club coach for advice about which division to enter before your first race.

How do I enter a marathon race?

Two ways ? You can enter in advance, though strictly speaking the advance entry should be done as a club, so if you want to do this, see the Marathon Secretary (currently Richard Hendron). The second way, which is easier, but usually involves more money, is to enter on the day, at the race. In addition to the race fee (around £5) there is a late entry fee normally around £2.

How do I find out when the races are?

Look at the notices in the club on the marathon notice board.

What boat do I have to paddle?

The boat you paddle will depend on your ability, but almost any of the club boats are fine. Again, ask your club coach for advice.

Do I need to book club boats in advance?

For popular races, and popular boats, it's sensible to sort out your boat early. You should discuss with your club coach or with the Marathon Secretary (Richard Hendron), particularly if you want to race K2.

How do I get promoted up the divisions?

Simply put, finishing first or second, you're quite likely to be promoted. Sometimes third is promoted as well. However, the reality is not that simple. There's a BCU devised system for working out promotions and whether you're promoted at a particular race. Don't worry, someone else does it for you, and the club gets a letter, which will be pinned up on the marathon notice board. So keep an eye on it, especially if you've won, or come close to winning a race.

What is Hasler?

The Hasler Trophy is awarded for the annual interclub marathon championships. The country is divided into regions by the BCU. Every competitor that enters a marathon race and finishes in our region, which for us is London and South East, earns points for the club.

At the end of the season, the clubs in each region with the most points are invited to compete at the Hasler Finals for the trophy.

When does the season start and end?

It runs from late summer. So any races you enter in September, October or November will count towards next year's Hasler.

Can anyone race at the Hasler Finals?

Yes, but you need to qualify by entering three races in K1 (in order to race in K1) or three races in K2 (in order to race in K2). You can mix your races for K2 (so 2 K1 races and a K2 race is enough to race K2). Your three races can include the National Championships, and do not all have to be within the London and South East Region (although if you go out of region, you won't score points for the club).

If you're interested and want to go racing, then talk to your club coach or to the Marathon Secretary, Richard Hendron.

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