The Alex Gohar Trophy

Awarded to the senior or junior who has shown, inspiration, commitment, dedication and who has overcome obstacles to achieve in their own right.

Winners- Kevin De Klerk and Neville Burton.

Kevin and Neville only started paddling last year, and from the very beginning they have shown outstanding commitment and dedication to the sport. They have badgered people to take them out paddling and consequently have been out training every morning with Sue Middlehurst at 645am.

They have been regular fixtures at the Hasler races including the Hasler finals. Their dedication to racing and sheer enthusiasm does not stop at British borders. Some may say taking on the Sella and Liffey with the limited experience they had was clearly a sign of utter madness! However, I say this in its self shows dedication and determination to succeed despite their lack of experience and with all the odds stacked up against them.

Finally they are fully integrated into the fabric of the club, and have fully embodied the spirit of Richmond Canoe Club. They often volunteer to help out in the Gallery or assist with odd jobs round the club. They are always upbeat, positive, friendly and their can do attitude is an inspiration to us all.

Nominated- Tim Middlehurst

Tim took over running and organizing the junior section at the Canoe Club a number of years ago. The fantastic results we have seen this year from Richmond Juniors is as a result of the hard work and effort that Tim has put in, firstly in ensuring there was a clear progression structure in place and then secondly taking ownership of the junior section, coordinating all the coaches and helpers as well as providing exceptional coaching to the juniors. With the vast amount of juniors we now have this is no easy task and requires enormous amounts of commitment and dedication. His enthusiasm and commitment is unquestionable and is an inspiration to us all.



The Eric William Allen Trophy

Awarded to the junior who has demonstrated outstanding achievement.

Winner- Nick Romain

  • 17th at World Marathon Championships
  • 6th at European Marathon Championships
  • Reached division 1
  • One of the clubs most frequent attendees at Hasler races


Marco Csokasi

  • Made B final at Junior European Sprint Championships
  • Made B final at Junior World Sprint Championships
  • Numerous national championships titles

Oliver Khlaf

  • Has reached division 3 at the age of 14
  • Recently raced as part of GB marathon development team at the French National Championships
  • Junior K2 U14 National Marathon Champion

Isaac Blackman

  • Reached division 2
  • 5th In Div 3 out of 35 boats at Hasler Final
  • Won a number of Hasler races, including Oxford, Henley and Pangbourne


The Gavin Turrell Trophy

Awarded to a senior paddler who has demonstrated outstanding achievement.

Winner- Steve Baker

Most people will be aware of Steve’s paddling prowess. He has raced and medalled in numerous internationals and has the unofficial record for DW- however that is not why he has been nominated. Steve took on the responsibility for senior coaching about a year ago and has brought an enormous wealth of experience to the role. His experience and his dedication has without question made a significant impact on the elite end of racing at Richmond Canoe Club. Steve has enormously assisted the likes of Lizzie, Tom and Nick reach their potential in the international events that they have attended. Below the international spectrum, Steves input has also been significant in helping those who may not necessarily be at international level improve and progress.


Lizzie Broughton

  • Won European Marathon Championships
  • 4th at  World Marathon Championships
  • Gold Medalist K1 at World Cup in Oklahoma
  • National Marathon champion in K1 and K2

 Tom Sharpe

  • 11th at World Marathon Championships K2, 12th in K1 U23
  • 5th K1 at Nat Champs and 1st K2
  • Fastest 10k time of the year at 42:06

 Andrei Dzyma

  • Div 3 at Tonbridge
  • Competed in 10K race in Ukraine
  • Competed at World Masters Games in Turin

Shane O’Cuinn

  • Part of winning Veteran Team in Nottingham
  • Won a number of medals at the Sprint National Championships
  • Raced at World Masters Games in Turin


The senior improvement trophy (to be named)

Awarded to the senior who has shown the most improvement.

Winner- Neil Barton

Neil comes from a background of rowing but has transferred quickly and successfully to canoeing. He started Paddling in October 2012, and is now Division 4. He was promoted to mens C at his first Nottingham Sprint regatta.


Tom Walker

Tom joined the canoe club with no particular sporting background but after a year’s paddling has progressed to division 5. He also won the division 6 K2 event against a huge field at the Hasler Finals.

Geoff Reading

Geoff is the second of our rowers who converted to canoeing last October, and within his first year of paddling he has been promoted to division 4, and formed a crucial part of our interclubs sprint team.

Neil Melville

Neil started paddling a year and a half ago, and has reached marathon Division 5 through quiet determination and persistant effort.

John Racoveanu

John started paddling last Winter with Peter Barnes, and initially impressed by his determination in the Waterside Series, where he competed in a Discovery. Since then he has been a regular at Hasler races, taking 2nd place in divison 6 at Royal and being promoted to Division 5, all with less than one years paddling experience.


The Tony Waszkiewic trophy

Awarded to the junior who has shown the most improvement.

WinnerJoseph Webb

Joe is 13 years and started paddling 3 months ago. He has made incredibly rapid progress and now paddles in Div 5 in a skinny boat.


Ben Powell

Ben is 15 and started paddling last year. He has raced and beaten many more experienced paddlers this year and is now in division 4. He has just been selected for the Regional Talent squad.

Lily Wong

Lily is 13 and this year gained a national championships sprint title in the K4 500m. She has also had a good year racing marathon, being promoted to division 4 and finishing 2nd in K2 at Hasler final. She has just been selected for the Regional Talent Squad.