Club supported sessions

There are a wide range of formal and informal sessions which take place out of Richmond Canoe Club during a normal week. While there may be quite a broad range of ability and speed there is a deeply entrenched shared goal of being the best we can be. Most members of the club will take part in racing during the year in a variety of disciplines. These include Sprint, Marathon, Descent racing and the ultra endurance event Devizes to Westminster. See the Racing menu for more details.

Training Sessions

  • We run a very busy schedule of sessions at the club. The master schedule is here on Google sheets: LINK  |
  • We also have the same schedule on Google calendar: LINK  | iCAL  |
  • There is a private Facebook Richmond training group… Ask a fellow club member to include you if you’re not already in the group.


  • 10K time trial Wednesdays 6.30pm on the water (Summer): During the extended summer months there is a well attended 10K time trial usually run by one of the club coaches or paddlers. The course begins and ends outside the club and consists of 3 laps of 3.3K each. All members of the club who are competent paddlers are welcome to take part. There is an informal handicap system in place with the slower paddlers setting off first followed by the quicker ones. Times are recorded and currently published to the Richmond Facebook page. K1’s (singles), K2 (doubles) and C1’s (racing single blade canoes) regularly take part. 10k results can be found here
  • 5K time trial Mondays 6.30pm on the water: A recent addition to club training this session is slowly growing and can be used as a more intense training session or a building block towards the 10K
  • Circuit training Wednesdays 6.30pm in the gym (Winter): During the winter months when the 10K is not being run, the club facilitates a circuit training session in the gym. This is an excellent way to maintain fitness over the winter months as well as bringing together people who may not normally train together. From the first few easyish sessions the intensity and load builds as the months progress. Early on a short pre circuit run is added for those who wish to take part.
  • Saturday morning groups 8am-1pm all year round: Saturday mornings are the staple diet of Richmond paddlers when the majority of the club will be on the water. This will be in one of a number of group sessions which usually start between 8 and 10am on the water. The 10am group for example normally attracts 20 to 40 paddlers ranging from Marathon Division 5 to Division 1. More recently as the group has grown the higher end will split off during the warm up probably encompassing Division 3 speed and above. Again, K1’s and K2’s and racing C1’s are in the mix.
  • Weights and gym: Due to the extremely hard work of many club members including some exeptional committment of one or two Richmond Canoe Club also has a very well equipped gym. Alongside a generous free weights section including and Olympic weights set there are several invaluable pieces specifically targeting paddling physiology. We have a number of kayak ergo’s as well as a racing canoe ergo, a bench pull station and a custom built single arm machine with a kayak seating position. Depending on the time of year there may be one or two group sessions run here particularly for juniors or beginners but generally the gym is free for club members to use. Often and informally a small number of paddlers will commit to a weights program for a few months and the best way of finding out about these is to speak to club members or even initiate one yourself.

Paddler led sessions

There are also a number of regular sessions which are less formally led. They aren’t set in stone as such but currently these include:

  • Week days apart from Friday at 6.45am on the water for paddlers who are close to Division 5 speed and above.
  • A Sunday morning session at 9am on the water which is usually a long paddle to Hampton Court and back (13 miles total). There are a couple of shorter turning points at Kingston (8 miles) and Raven’s Ait (10.5 miles).
  • Most evenings around 6.30pm paddlers will take part in an informal training session at a variety of levels (not beginners).

These sessions aren’t generally organised by a club coach and so the best way to find out about them is to talk to fellow paddlers at your level. Some of the groups keep in touch using a small email list which you can request to be put on.