1. First and foremost, you are responsible for your own safety. Do not put yourself at risk to assist someone else. If anyone asks you to do anything that you believe will put you at risk, say ‘NO’.
2. If you see someone is in difficulty check that they are ok. If they are not, help them if you can (see point 1) or get help.
3. The tables opposite give guidance on the mitigations you should take depending on your ability and river grading based on conditions.
4. River grading does not change just because the tide is coming in. The faster the flow, the more unpredictable the river becomes to the point where it could catch you out.
5. You should always stick to the right hand side of the river and pass to the right of any boats coming towards you.
6. Be careful of moored boats and overhanging trees, especially when the river is in high flow.
7. Between sunset and sunrise everyone must have 1 WHITE forward facing light at the front of their boat and 1 WHITE backwards facing light. The lights must not flash.
8. If there is an incident with another river user, be it a collision or near miss, it should be recorded in the Club Accident Log, which can be found at: https://richmondcanoeclub.com/
9. If a member of the public reports you to the Port Of London Authority (PLA), the PLA will take action against you as an individual.
10. When paddling below the half lock, familiarise yourself with the navigation rules for that stretch of river. The keep right rule does not always apply. See:
Check the time of high tide and low tide at each bridge that you intend to paddle past.

Coached Sessions
11. If any coached session starts with a safety briefing, it must be attended by everyone joining the session.
12. If your session is run by a coach, at any stage a coach can cancel the session. Their decision is final.

Paddler Safety Guidelines: Additional Notes For Coaches