This is where you tell us about things which need fixing around the club or where there is an incident on the water with a third party.

The 3 forms on this page are: Incident reports. Building maintenance reports. Boat maintenance reports.

Incident or near miss reports

If there is an incident i.e. some sort of serious incident or a ‘near miss’ i.e. something bad nearly happened between a club paddler and a third party i.e. a rower, or a motorboat then please report it here. It’s important we keep a track of all of these incidents so we can manage any potential issues.

Go here for: Incident/near missĀ  reporting


Building maintenance reports.

To help keep Richmond Canoe club running smoothly, if you see a maintenance issue in the club, can you report it here? For example, a lock might be broken, a door hinge might be loose, anything you see which you think should be fixed…

Go here for: Building maintenance reporting.


Boat maintenance reports

If there is a problem with the club boat, here is where you tell us.

Go here for: Boat maintenance reporting