Committee Notice: Richmond Canoe Club policy on buoyancy aids.

You MUST wear a buoyancy aid if any of the following is true:

  • The water temperature is below 6°
  • The river is on yellow or red boards
  • You are a junior
  • Any part of your session will be in the dark
  • You are in division 7-9 or unranked
  • The coach running your session tells you to
  • The water temperature is below 10° and have a history of capsizing.


Paddler safety in groups

Within reason, every paddler within a group should constantly keep check that everyone is safe. If a paddler capsises they should shout for help so other members of the group can assist them. This is especially important with night-time paddling.

Buying your own buoyancy aid: 

  • Preferred by racing paddlers:
  • Excellent value, comfortable and used by the club:
  • And many other options:

Safety & Port of London authority

All paddlers must abide Port of London authority paddling code.