This page lists upcoming marathon and sprint races that the club is taking part in. Race participation is strongly encouraged among all members as it provides not only a way for you to measure your progress, but also to earn vital points for the club in the Hasler series and MacGregor cup.

Questions? Speak with the Racing (sprint) or Marathon secretaries.

Marathon Races

The list below shows all the Hasler races that the club is taking entries for. For full details click the Race info link.

If you wish you can subscribe to receive notifications when race details are updated or new races are added.

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To enter a race, just send an email to the marathon secretary at For new paddlers who have not raced at a marathon event with Richmond before, please also fill out the new paddler form first with you details.

New Paddler Form

All entries received before the deadline indicated and (where required) with pre-payment supplied and verified will be sent to the race organisers.

For races where prepayment is required, the entry fees should be shown in the linked race info. If you know which race you want to enter then sending your payment before emailing will help speed things up, but please do not send payments for races where prepayment is not required, and payments for boat transport must currently be made separately to the person taking the trailer.

Pay race fees via PayPal

It’s not always possible to respond to each email individually, so please use the Pre-entries list link to check your entry has been received and entered down, and that all your details are correct before the deadline.

You must ensure that you are able to get yourself and your boat to the race (the list indicates if the trailer is confirmed as going to the race and who is towing it) and if you wish to use a club boat this must be booked in advance by sending an email to or using the signup sheets in the club (club skinny K2s).

On the day you will need to arrive in good time before your race and either

  • visit the check-in desk to provide your payment if you have not pre-paid, or
  • if you have pre-paid, collect your number board from the Team Leader(s) named below

All Races

The calendar below lists all races which may be of interest to club members for both marathon and sprint. Please contact the marathon or sprint racing secretaries if you are interested in any of the races listed, however for non-Hasler or MacGregor challenge races you may need to enter the race and arrange payment etc. yourself.

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