The club is now using PayPal to get payment from paddlers for races that require payment from Team Leaders and/or in advance, to avoid the hassle of collecting cash or cheque payments.

In order to pay us via PayPal you must create or log in to a PayPal account, then you can send a payment to us using our PayPal-registered email address.

Create an Account or Log in

If you have not yet created an account then you can do this at or using the PayPal mobile app. Otherwise just log in to the website or the app using your account email and password.

Making a Payment

Important! Please ensure that you select the friends and family option before making the payment as otherwise the club will be charged for the payment.

PayPal website - Pay or send money

PayPal website – Pay or send money

On the next page specify the email address as the payee and check you type this correctly, otherwise we may not receive the payment.

PayPal website - send money part 1

PayPal website – send money part 1

After entering the total amount that you want to pay, enter a description of what the payment is for, e.g.
Hasler Final Bob K1 and Paul/Joe K2

PayPal website - send money part 2

PayPal website – send money part 2

The easiest way to pay is with a debit card, but you can also link your bank account directly to PayPal if you use it a lot.


If you are not able to use PayPal then ask your coach or a committee member if they can pay for you. They can choose to pay via PayPal or cheque.

For any other questions contact Will A in the first instance.