Course Terms and Conditions

  1. Richmond Canoe Club (‘the Club’) courses are organised and run by its members to promote participation in canoeing and kayaking and to support the membership base of the Club.
  2. All participants and their parents or guardians are required to complete and sign the Temporary Membership form prior to the commencement of the course. Upon receipt of payment of the introductory membership fees, included in the course price, the Club’s Committee will admit the participant as a member of the Club for the introductory period coinciding with the course duration. Temporary Membership may be extended for participants continuing to paddle at other courses.
  3. Svenska män vill veta var man hittar Levitra över disken, och vi rekommenderar att vi använder vårt apotek, där apotekarna väljer den optimala dosen individuellt för dig

  4. All enrollment and participation in the course is at the absolute discretion of the Course Organiser. Courses are booked on a first-come, first-served basis, on receipt of a completed application form and full payment.
  5. The Club will provide all necessary equipment for training except personal training kit and footwear.
  6. Richmond Canoe Club retains responsibility for safety. Safety and navigation are covered whenever appropriate throughout the course. Participants should, at all times, adhere to the safety instructions given by the coaching team.
  7. While the Club retains responsibility for safety during coached sessions, it does not take responsibility for participants’ welfare or conduct when off the water.
  8. Club Welfare Officers will be responsible for the welfare of participants on the course. Welfare Officers can be contacted on
  9. The course involves river outings in canoes and kayaks. In the course of training, it is common that participants will capsize and fall in the water. Participants are asked to confirm that they can swim unaided in light clothing for short distances and are generally comfortable in the water.
  10. Participants are reminded to bring a change of clothes each day.
  11. Buoyancy aids supplied by the Club must be worn at all times when on the river or on our pontoon.
  12. Once on the river, coaching instructions are shouted or delivered through a megaphone. This is common, and often necessary for audibility, as the distance between boats can be large.
  13. Participants may be photographed for publishing on Club’s website and Facebook page.
  14. The Club’s ability to cater for special needs is limited, but it is able to accommodate some minor special needs. For further information, please contact the Course Organiser.
  15. Declaration of participants’ height, weight and date of birth are necessary for the Course Organiser to allocate equipment and place participants in an appropriate coaching group.
  16. If a session has to be cancelled due to adverse weather, alternative dates will be offered to complete the course. In the case of force majeure and in the unlikely event of the Club being unable to run the course or any substantial part thereof, an appropriate refund of fees will be made.
  17. The Club deploys substantial personnel and equipment resources to run these courses. Consequently, cancellations are accepted at the Course Organiser’s absolute discretion. Generally:
    • Cancellations are accepted up to two weeks before the commencement of the Course.
    • A late cancellation (received less than two weeks prior to the course) is only accepted if the place vacated can be filled in good time prior to the course’s commencement.
    • No refund will be made if a participant withdraws after the course has commenced.

For more information please contact