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  Gallery 2006  
Richmond Mararthon 22 Oct 2006. Photos by Iveta

Talk to the hand...Trev gets down with the young people.. uh-oh...starting to lose a few... Gone!...Trev resorts to clipping people round the ear to keep 'em awake during the briefing Mr Newman in a sea Kayak...we are tidal after all...
c'mon dad, I'm doing all the work here! Richmond bridge looms for some (for others it just appears in the distance) Marcus tries wash hanging the PLA launch (thanks for turning up chaps, much appreciated) Here they come, rrrrrrrrrrrround the bend..
A little left at the bridge Sarah I think..Ulrik didn't you hit the bridge last time? Did I... Something on my mind? You bet there was! Where divisions meet.. Richmond boys eventually catchup and make a fight of it.
Nick easing round Mr Martin bravely carrying on despite breaking his paddle in half. Alison and Rebecca showing the rest of us how its done Ian whizzing by without a care in the world.
Dad looking a bit weary.. C'mon John! lets gooowww Sharon testing the water temperature, Nick...being Nick I think It's a big 'ol river
Sharon gets some TLC from Kim Steve grits his teeth at the finish (or the start, I don't think this expression changed) Dive! Dive! Dive! Rait takes desperate measures Rescues running smoothly
Not sure who this chap is but doing splendidly Er...Iveta, whoose bottom is that? Josh bending it like...Josh Wayne attempts to push head thru boat (just a bit harder)
Gary on his way in (to the finish that is) Isobel where's the finish line... Tim and go pleased with their place Wayne after boat removal surgery
Steve's expression fixed right to the line ...Siiingin in the rain...just sssiinnngggin in the rain Never tiried of re-enacting LOTM Rox and Charmie give it a go Whooa! a fight for the line! Richmond beat off an attack

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