Thank you for getting involved with the Club!

This page explains how to take the steps needed to help you and the club to fulfil our Welfare obligations to keep everyone involved safe and protected from harm.

Richmond Canoe Club follows British Canoeing policies to ensure we do not allow unsuitable individuals to volunteer or work with children or vulnerable adults. The club must ensure that all RCC coaches and volunteers have a Criminal Records Check (DBS) and the right level of training.

It is illegal for an individual who is in Regulated Activity to commence activity in their role until this check has been completed.

What is a DBS check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) will perform a check by searching through people’s criminal records and returning any relevant offences so that risks of harm to children and vulnerable adults are reduced.

There are three levels of check, depending on the role. Enhanced DBS checks are the highest level of criminal record check. They reveal details of spent and unspent convictions, warnings, cautions and reprimands and also check through a list of people that are permanently barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

Who needs a DBS check?

Anyone who is 16+ and deployed in a role (paid or unpaid) in a regulated activity with children (see British Canoeing pages for more detailed explanation of a regulated activity). This includes all coaching or assistant roles, including Paddle Camps.

How do I apply for a DBS check?

If you want to volunteer or coach, you will need to contact the club Welfare Officers by emailing to let us know your full name, email and exact role and stating you wish to have a DBS check. The ID Verifier – Club Welfare Officer – will confirm if you are eligible to apply for a DBS Check and what level of check you require.

The ID Verifier – Club Welfare Officer – will register your name and email address on the Online Disclosure system

You / Welfare Officer will the need to email British Canoeing at to request a DBS check is completed.

Once your details have been registered, you will receive an email from Online Disclosures containing your login information and a link to the Online Disclosure service.

The online disclosure system will take you through your application with prompts to help as you go. Further guidance for this application route can be found here.

To verify your identity, you will need to show your identity documents to the Welfare Officer (usually Passport, driving licence, bank statement utility or tax bill). This can be done in person or electronically (deleted afterwards).

Please note that British Canoeing are sent the disclosure and barring certificate and simply let the Welfare Officers know that the person is ‘safe to deploy’. Welfare Officers do not receive the certificates.

Please sign up to the DBS Update Service when given the opportunity. If you are a volunteer, subscription to the Update Service is FREE

How to renew your DBS certificate after 3 years

British Canoeing require all in relevant roles to have a updated DBS check every 3 years. If you signed up to the Update Service, you will avoid having to start a new application again with Welfare Officers verifying your identity.

You need to give British Canoeing permission to recheck for any criminal convictions or barring via DBS.

Complete a DBS Status Check Authorisation Form and the Welfare Officer will confirm your role is current and request the recheck.

Do I need to do anything to renew my DBS certificate if I signed up to the Update Service?

Please be aware that the Update Service doesn’t automatically check everyone with a DBS certificate’s criminal record status everyday, and a request for another check by the Welfare Officer (with your permission) is needed after 3 years.


Safeguarding Training

What level of Safeguarding training do I need for my role?

See the full table of requirements by British Canoeing.

For Richmond Canoe Club officials and Volunteers:

Coaches, leaders or instructors or volunteers (over 16 years) working with children:

Coaches who have no contact with children:

Welfare Officers:

Individuals who hold contact details of children e.g. membership database, website, social media:

Event Officials:

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

All Club officials, coaches and volunteers are asked to complete the EDI Introductory Module online