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Winning start to marathon racing season

By 23 May 2014No Comments

The club has made an excellent start in the first two regional Hasler qualifiers of the year, winning the first two regional of the year, hosted by Wey Kayak Club and Hastings Canoe Club respectively.

At Wey we took first place overall just one point ahead of Wey, and second place in the lightning event. There were lots of strong individual performances, with podium positions for the following:

  • Ben P, 1st division 4 and promoted to 3
  • Joe W, 1st division 5 and promoted to 4
  • Arnim, 2nd division 6 and promoted to 5
  • Valentin, 3rd division 6 and promoted to 5
  • Ewan, 3rd division 7 and promoted to 6
  • Laura/ Anthony, 1st division 7 K2
  • Lilla, 1st U12 girls
  • Zoe, 3rd U12 girls

There were also promotions for Emily and Braddie from a big division 9 field. Ben Phillips was quickest C1 of the day with a good 4th place in division 5.

The Hastings race was held at Tonbridge, following the same course as the usual race there. We had another big team entry, with podium positions from:

  • Stefan, 3rd division 6
  • Daniel, 3rd division 7 and promoted to 7
  • Freya, 2nd division 8 and promoted to 7
  • Clive/ Martin, 1st division 6
  • Lilla, 1st U12 girls
  • Francis, 1st U12 boys
  • Emily, 3rd division 8
  • Joe W, 1st division 4
  • Arnim, 1st division 5, and promoted to 4
  • Valentin, 3rd division 5

The last four paddlers on this list were only promoted at Wey and were racing in their new divisions for their first time. Arnim is making rapid progress through the divisions and was promoted again to division 4. Nicki was 4th in division 5 but first lady, and it was great to see Peter racing again and finishing closely behind. Mark was also promoted from 9 to 8.

At both events it was good to see such a wide range of paddlers from all groups taking part. The next regional qualifier is Sunday 8th June at Maidstone.