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Membership fees due

By 7 November 2014No Comments

Dear Paddlers

The time of year has arrived again! Membership is due for renewals as of 1 November.

Please settle your membership fees within next month (before end of November). Late fee (£10) will be applied to those who did not do it on time, and did not contact me before end of year.

 – If you do not wish to renew – please let me know. You will avoid hearing from me around January time:)

 – If you wish to renew, please see the updated fees below ( Fee increase as per last AGM). You should know which type of membership you have and how many boats you store in the club, so based on below info it should be easy for you to work it out yourself. However  – any questions – please contact me @ rcc.klaudia@

Senior Member                145

Junior Member                 60

Student                                 60

Child of Senior                   30

Social Member                  30

Partner                                 75

Out of Port                         40

Senior (+65)                       60

Rack Fee                              55

Life Member                      1450

– Anybody who has joined in 2014 should pay reduced pro-rata rate. I will contact you personally within next month and also will distribute pro-rata payment table to help you establish yourself how much you owe.

Please note that you can pay by Bank Transfer, Check or Cash. If you pay by Check or Cash – please make sure that you either hand it to me directly, or leave it in the envelope with your name in the Membership Box in the kitchen area.

I will be in the Club around noon on Saturday 8 November collecting fees and providing any information – so easiest to sort it out then. Please. Please 🙂

Lastly – as per previous years I will not contact you over the email until your fees are overdue (exception – members who joined in 2014) – at which point you will need to add £10 Late Payment fee. You have at least month to pay – so hopefully it is not necessary. Any questions / issues  – do contact me!

Happy paddling!!


Membership Secretary