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Jeff Lindsay

By 8 December 2016No Comments

It is with great sadness that I write to let you know that Jeff Lindsay passed away yesterday afternoon. Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumour in the summer and though his family and the many people who cared for him have been waiting for him to give us good news about his health, the news yesterday was what none of us wanted to hear.

Jeff joined Richmond Canoe Club as a novice in the 2009/10 season and quickly became hooked on the sport going on to complete the DW in k1 in 2011 and then again in k2 in 2014. He also became a reliable part of the adult novice coaching team and was quickly known more as a competent coach than as a beginner himself. For the past few years Jeff was heavily involved in coaching new juniors joining the club, and developed a successful group of young paddlers. He will be remembered at the club for the way he contributed to coaching with a quiet enthusiasm, encouragement and organisation, helping out wherever he was needed. He will be sorely missed, so many of our members, adults and juniors, have been coached or supported by Jeff in some way that his loss will be felt by everyone. We lose a coach, a fellow paddler and a good friend.

When Jeff told me in the summer that he would have to reduce his involvement in coaching it was clear how much he loved helping the juniors he coached. Being able to come to the club and watch his group grow and develop gave him great joy, and was something that also helped him through his difficult final months.

Jeff leaves behind a wife, Beatrice, and two daughters Catherine and Jaqueline. Our thoughts are with them all.