This is an invitation to the Canoe Club Annual General Meeting which will be held at the Club House on Saturday 23rd March 2019 at 13:00.


  1. Apologies for absence and appointment of proxies
  2. Adoption of the minutes of the 2018 AGM
  3. Commodore’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Membership report
  6. Election of honorary members
  7. Election of the Committee
  8. Items raised by members
    1. Recognition of those involved in securing the freehold of the Club (raised by Richard Hendron)
    2. Condition of the wall bordering the Pertersham Road (raised by Enrique Vallano)
  9. AOB

Election of Committee

All posts on the committee come up for re-election each year at the AGM.  If you are not currently on the club committee but you wish to stand for a specific post please email Mike detailing the post you are standing for and naming two current club members who support you in standing.

Appointment of Proxies

If you are not able to attend the AGM in person you can appoint either the chairman or secretary of the meeting, or someone known to you who is attending the meeting, to vote on your behalf.  You must notify Mike, as club secretary, in writing (e-mail or paper) before the meeting certifying that you are eligible to vote and giving the name of your proxy. Please use the appointment of proxy form below to notify us of your proxy.

Voting at the meeting

Only fully paid up, full members and any honorary members who have been awarded the status of full member have the right to vote at the AGM or be appointed in to a committee position. We will be consulting a list of current paid up members at the meeting.