Paddle Camp FAQ

Paddle Camp

Junior Beginner Canoe & Kayak Courses at Richmond Canoe Club



How can I book a place on a course?

Complete the application form and pay using our membership page WebCollect


What is included in the course?

  • Small group sessions morning and afternoon
  • 3-to-1 ratio of participants and coaches
  • Basic technique on kayak or canoe ergo
  • Learning boat control and balance
  • How to use a paddle correctly
  • Fun games that instill some confidence in a junior racing boat
  • Races
  • Self rescue
  • Rescuing another paddler
  • A knowledge of the rules of the river and how to be safe in your boat
  • An awareness of tide and flow and how to use them
  • Talks by elite athletes in both disciplines
  • Stretching for canoeists and kayakers


What are the hours of the course?

Arrival is at 9am and departure at 4pm


What should I bring?

  • Three sets of gym clothes that your could potentially swim in. Close-fitting clothes are recommended, preferably lycra
  • Water shoes
  • A warm top such as a fleece
  • A change of clothing in case you fall in
  • Sun cream


What food will be served?

A cooked lunch and snacks are provided. We can cater for a limited range of dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.


Is there somewhere I can leave valuables?

We have small lockers for keys, phones or money.


How do I get to Richmond Canoe Club?

The address is Landsdown Boathouse, 81-83 Petersham Road, Richmond, TW10 6UT. The 65 bus stops right outside in either direction. The club is a 15 minute walk from Richmond underground/overland station. We have limited parking at the club which can be used for drop off and pick up.


What happens if I fall in the Thames?

All course participants will practice capsizing. The water is warm in the summer and we encourage confident swimming in safe areas. Coaches will assist with unintentional capsizes which are to be expected and are considered run of the mill when learning the sport. Paddlers will get back in their boats and continue the session.


Who do I contact with any questions?

You can email juniorcourses@richmondcanoe.club and we will try to help you with any further questions.


What are the Terms and Conditions of the courses?

Please see our T&Cs here