GB Canoe Marathon: Enter Race Here




Elmbridge Canoe Club, Walton Lane, Weybridge KT13 8LU

See Map


Richmond Canoe Club, Richmond-upon-Thames.

Parking available on:

Nightingale Lane, TW10 6UZ

Limited parking | See Map | 4 minutes walk to Richmond CC

River Lane, TW10 7AG

Good parking availability | See Map | 10 minutes walk to Richmond CC


20.5 km, 3 portages over boat rollers or locks


  • Senior Men A (Divs 1-3 *)
  • Senior Men B (Divs 4-6 *)
  • Senior Men C (Divs 7-9 *)
  • Junior Men U18
  • Junior Men U16
  • Canoe Pairs (C2)
  • Senior Ladies
  • Junior Ladies U18
  • Junior Ladies U16
  • Veteran (both over 35)
  • Mixed
  • Junior/Vet

For Senior crews, the average of the two marathon divisions rounded up determines the racing class. For Junior crews, the oldest paddler defines the overall class.


08:30 Check-in open
09:45 Check-in close
10:00 Briefing for all classes
10:20 Race starts begin


Entries are £15 per seat.

British Canoeing day tickets for non-BC members (divisions 7-9 or first-time racers only, max one event per year) will incur an extra charge of £5 payable to British Canoeing.

A fee of £5 may be charged for the loss of any LSE region pre-printed number boards. Please ensure that you return them after your race to avoid a charge.


All paddlers must report to the check-in desk upon arrival, even if they have pre-entered.

The only exception is if a team leader has informed us in advance that they will check in on behalf of their crews only, and complete payment is provided for all paddlers. In this case, it is the team leader’s responsibility to inform us of any no-shows on the day.

London & South East number boards will be supplied to all competitors. They must be used and returned to us after the race.


Provisional results will be published live during the day in a mobile-accessible format. Final provisional results will be published on the club website, and verified results will appear on the Marathon Canoeing site within seven days following the race.


Prizes for the first three finishers in each race with at least five starters

Food & Drink

Hot food and drink will be available to purchase at the finish. Competitors’ food will be provided after the race.


Elmbridge Canoe Club will be closed and cannot be used for any purpose. Portaloos will be provided at the start.

Toilets, showers and male/female changing areas are available at the finish. If you require disabled parking or toilet facilities, please let us know in advance by email.

Race Rules

This event will be run under the Marathon Racing Rules. Please also note the following clarifications and additional requirements.


Competitors are expected to be familiar with the MRC guidelines on race starts and must adhere to all instructions given by the start and pre-start marshals.

In the event of non-compliance with this rule, competitors will be requested to leave the water and must paddle away from the start line and not attempt to join the race at a later stage.

River rules apply to navigation – paddlers are to stick the river right at all times.


All competitors who fail to finish must report to a Marshal and inform them of their boat number and the fact that they have retired.


All competitors must attend the race briefing on the day, where up-to-date course information, hazards and obstructions will be made available, in addition to reading this briefing document.

Kit Requirements

In the event of cold weather, paddlers considered by the race organisers to be too lightly dressed will not be permitted to take part. This will be enforced by marshals whose decision in this matter will be final.

Buoyancy Aids

Due to the location of the course on the lower Thames, buoyancy aids are compulsory for the following groups.

  • All paddlers ranked in Divisions 7, 8 and 9, irrespective of the race entered.
  • All junior paddlers (under 18 years of age on 1st January 2023) with the exception of paddlers ranked in Division 6 and above where the paddler’s Team Leader or parent/guardian has provided a written confirmation that a buoyancy aid need not be worn

The race organisers may require that all or some or all paddlers in addition to the above must wear buoyancy aids, based on conditions on the day. In this regard, the race organisers’ decision is final.

It is the responsibility of all other paddlers and their team leaders to decide if they should wear a buoyancy aid according to the conditions on the day and given the information presented in the pre-race briefing.

Any paddler who is required to wear a buoyancy aid as above but who is found on the water not to be doing so will be immediately disqualified.

Medical Conditions

Competitors (or for junior paddlers, their parents/guardians) and team leaders must bring to the race organisers’ attention any known medical conditions that may adversely affect the safety of a competitor.

In the event that the organisers deem that we are unable to put suitable control measures in place to control any additional risks, we reserve the right to refuse entry and refund any monies paid.

Boat Buoyancy

Boats must contain sufficient buoyancy to remain afloat and support the crew in rough water in the event of a capsize.

Sandwich construction boats are not presumed to have sufficient inherent buoyancy and must carry additional foam or other non-porous buoyant material. Closed and watertight compartments built in by the original manufacturer may be accepted at the organisers’ discretion but all boats must have adequate buoyancy at both ends.

Marshals may inspect boats at any time for adequate buoyancy. The penalty for any non-compliant boat is disqualification of the crew.


The rollers at Teddington lock are not accessible to supporters – please use the lock cut above the lock.

Please park considerately on nearby roads. Support crews must adhere to all relevant local parking restrictions, notices and requests by police officers, Environment Agency officials and lockkeepers and any breach of this rule may lead to disqualification of crews.


Disposable drink bags or any other items of personal kit must not be discarded anywhere on the course or the race site. The penalty for non-compliance with this rule, whether by the competitor or their support crew, is immediate disqualification.

Important Safety Notes

Please use this telephone number to report retirements or any emergencies on the day – 0750 4743275. Please do not use this for any other purposes.

The race organisers reserve the right to CANCEL the event up to and including on the day in the case of an incident, emergency or conditions. We will do our best to notify team leaders but please check the website for the latest information.

Should circumstances require the ABANDONMENT of the race whilst in progress, the following procedure will apply

  • Crews on hearing continuous short blasts on air horns and/or seeing marshals waving red flags will immediately STOP. They will wait to be instructed on how and where to proceed by a marshal. Crews must be aware that other crews may not have heard or seen the warnings and must pass on instructions received to any such crew who they see still racing.
  • Depending on crews’ locations, whether or not the Race has started, and the number of crews still being marshalled, they may be asked to either paddle to a specified get-out point or turn towards one of the banks and await further instructions.

Competitors should be aware that the lower Thames can be busy with pleasure cruisers, rowers and other craft. Competitors must be mindful of these and other hazards. Competitors must follow any direction given by Port of London Authority Officers, Environment Agency Officials or Race Marshals.

All portages are over boat rollers and may be slippery. Care should be taken while getting in and out. Please do not run over the rollers.

Competitors must provide support to any other paddler in distress and should attempt to raise the attention of one of the safety boats or Marshals along the course.

The River Thames can experience sudden increases in pollution, especially after heavy rainfall. Any paddler who feels ill after the race should draw this to the attention of their medical practitioner.

Canoeing and Kayaking in all its forms is an ‘Assumed Risk – Water Contact’ sport. The organisers have done their very best to provide a safe racing environment, but competitors are reminded of their duty of care to themselves and all other competitors. Safety is a shared responsibility.

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