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  Gallery 2007  
Photos by Neil Thomas

Richard builds footrest from scratch with a twig and some chewing gum. Daan drinks gin. Randall adjusts sick bag (these guys really are Ninjas) Sonia contemplates the distance Seniors let it rip
Our boats better than yours More ripping Stop! Stop! don't you know who I am??? Stop I say!! Trevor checks who he is
Mary and Dave check out the opposition Ben eyes up the portage Brrrraaace! You've been Tangoed
Whoaa..Pirin and Mark take avoiding action Randall blows kiss to watching fans Cooly, calmly Mr Wells progresses I think this is an emergency stop
Three men in a boat? Tim and Co judge the portage nicely Hi Steve At last! Roger and Sonia make it
This IS hard work Ben Brown crew wins it We were robbed! But we're Ninjas and thats what matters Do these make my bum look big?
Sonia hears she's paddling with Roger The Raid will commence at oh nine hundred This is the enemy boathouse DO NOT confuse it with with the primary school next door Roger after hearing he's paddling with Sonia
Dave sneaks a port pie under his hat Men in tights Goewww! Will the white boat reverse to the line please?
Nice effort boys Randall & Chris make it thru and down the ramp Tim & co get a tad wet

Landsdowne Boathouse
81-83 Petersham Road
Richmond upon Thames
Surrey TW10 6UT
United Kingdom

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