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New Club Kit – Order Now!

By 30 September 2013No Comments

A new selection of Richmond branded clothing is now available to order. Please have a look at the design pack below and see if you would like to order anything. If you do, please download the order form below and follow the instructions on it. Once completed please email to Tom at and state how you will be paying.

All the leisure items and gilet have the club logo embroidered on the front, and text printed on the back. All the other technical items have the logo printed on the front, and text printed on the back. The order form includes instructions and prices, please fill it out and return it to me by email. All items in the design pack are available to order. There are also three bundle options, each containing three items, and they give you a discount on the individual prices. If you want to order a bundle please make sure you select a size for each item in it! Personalisation of any item is possible; please see the order form for more details.

Please note that if I receive less than 50 orders for any item, it will be removed from the range. This is because the prices are based on a 50+ order quantity, and increase if less than 50 are required.

The closing date for email orders is Friday 4th October 2013, so please be quick! I will then send the combined order to Clifton Clothing, and delivery will be 6 – 8 weeks later. I will email an update of the delivery date when I have it.

Any questions should be directed to Tom.