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Bikes stored overnight in the Club – action needed!

Please see the below message from Harbour Master:

Hi all

 At 6am this morning the bike rack in the boathouse was full. Since there were 6 people at the club I guess a lot of these bikes are being stored there on a semi permanent basis. I’m sure you are all well aware of the relevant boathouse regulations but just to remind you

 3.18 – Bicycle owners may place temporarily their bicycles in the Boathouse at their own risk, but not elsewhere in the Clubhouse, they must take extreme care not to damage any equipment of cause obstruction.
3.19 – Members shall not be entitled to store personal items such as bicycles, motorcycles or any other personal property at the Club save where the Member has been expressly granted permission by the Committee, or such items are stored in Club lockers or if such item is a boat or canoeing equipment and stored as described above. 

 To sort out this problem we will soon sticker all the bikes in the boathouse. 2 weeks after that any bikes which had a sticker which we don’t believe have left the club will be removed. Note we will take photos too so removing the sticker alone will not be enough.

 Please address any sob stories for me to ignore or notifications of exceptions under rule 3.19 to me at