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Club Life – Weekend 7 June report

The big event at the weekend was the Nottingham regatta. I only saw Sean Martin returning to the Club with paddles under his arm and trailer of boats in the car park.

The local event was a pincer movement on Tim and Sue’s house in West Byfleet.

John and Annette with 6 juniors (Joshua, Cosima, Carlos, Marlene, Melody and Max) left the Club at about 0910h, with a mission to paddle to Elmbridge, then River Wey, up the Wey Navigation, and ultimately 3rd lock on Basingstoke canal. About 27k.

Tim met the group at Thames lock on the Wey and then jogged with them along the towpath.

Peter and Ludy with 6 seniors (Enrique, Harvey, Angele, Sonia, Deborah, Nick) took boats by car to Elmbridge (site over-run by rowing types attending Weybridge Ladies rowing regatta), and then paddled the River Wey, and down the Wey Navigation, to the Basingstoke canal.

Very shallow in places on the River Wey.

Nick quote: “best, best, trip ever”. Deborah quote: “I am not a toy”.

By a miraculous co-incidence we saw the paddles of the junior team way off in the distance as we simultaneously approached the Basingstoke canal turn off. The juniors were marginally ahead of us though and entering race mode they were not in a  mood to slow down in order that we could form one group.

At Tim & Sue’s house we sat around, had ice cream, cake, drink, etc, chatted, and were given a tour of the Tim paddle making operation.

Evidence of Tim’s recent wrist operation was just visible… a small, neat, scar.

The junior team returned to Richmond via Stefan/Allyn car/trailer combo and Chris Scurr Seat.

The senior team returned via a paddle back to the cars at Elmbridge. Garmin estimate of the total distance: 26km.

Maidstone race: Non attendances….Stefan (under the weather a bit, rest sensible) and myself.

So if you want to go please establish transport first, and then contact Will.

If you want transport, or if you can offer transport, please use me as a match making service.

Peter B