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Maidstone, Royal and upcoming races – sign up!


Maidstone up this Sunday and Royal next week. If you have already signed up, please can you check that your details are correct on the list (links below), or let Will ( know if you are not down but do intend on racing.



Entries are due by Friday before the races so please let him know by Thursday pm if possible so we have time to check them all before sending.

Next month there is Thames Valley (Reading) and Southampton, both in Southern region but good races nonetheless, also the Medway Marathon which is non-Hasler-qualifying but a nice longer race if that’s your thing.

We welcome entries for all of these but please remember our own Hasler race is straight after these on the 2nd August and it is more important that we get a good team together for that. If you are not racing and able to help out on the day please let Will know as he needs to start putting the list of helpers together.

Last thing, we defend the Hasler title (won by Richmond last year) in Oxford on Sept 20th. Please, mark this down in your diaries, if you have not already, it will be a great day.