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PLA notice to Mariners – exceptionally high tides

By 2 October 2015No Comments

Mariners are advised that due to the natural 19 year astronomical cycle there will be a number of exceptionally high tides throughout the period of September 2015 to January 2016.

Mariners should also be aware that the increased tidal ranges will also affect the low water period and subsequently the available water over these periods is predicted to be much less than on normal spring tides. In addition to the enhanced tidal range there will also be a risk of increased tidal flows.

Weather conditions will continue to play a dominant role in whether tides meet predictions, therefore mariners are advised to pay particular attention to observed heights especially during low water periods where there may be a risk of a negative tidal surge.

The dates where the most notable high tides are expected are:

27th 30th September 2015
th 30th October 2015
th 27th December 2015

11th – 14th January 2016