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By 12 November 2015No Comments

Weirs open 8th November 29th November

In order to carry out essential maintenance works on Richmond lock, weirs and sluices and to carry out a riverbed inspection, it will be necessary to lift the weirs at Richmond for a period of 3 weeks. This will allow the river between Richmond Lock and Teddington Lock to drain down at low water on each tide.

The Draw-Off period will commence at approximately 14:35 on Sunday 8th November and will complete at approximately 19:00 on Sunday 29th November 2015.

During this period river users are reminded that, for the duration of the work, the river will NOT be maintained at the nominal level of 1.72m above Ordnance Datum Newlyn and it is expected the river bed will be exposed during this period.

Persons navigating through the weirs and upstream of Richmond Lock must do so with great care and should have regard to people working in and around the Lock and weirs. Weirs may be raised and lowered at various times for maintenance purposes, requiring arch closures. Arches closed to navigation will be marked in accordance with the Port of London Authority Thames Byelaws 2012;