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Final results of the InterClub competition: Wey 1st, Norwich 2nd, Richmond 3rd equal (with Royal).

A pretty good result consequent upon

  • Tom: 6th in Div 1 (14 boats)
  • Lizzie: 3rd in Div 2 (25 boats)
  • Jane: 5th in Div 2
  • Joshua: 1st in Div 4 (43 boats)
  • Devin: 3rd in Div 4
  • Trishan: 2nd in Div 8 (21 boats)
  • Melody/Dylan: 1st in Div 4 K2 (32 boats)
  • Sue/Alex: 3rd in Div 7 K2 (23 boats)
  • Una/Julia: 4th in Div 8 K2 (many boats)

And a pretty good raft of promotions: Melody, Dylan, Joshua, Devin, to Div 3; Sue and Trishan to Div 7.

  • Well done to Tom Walker/Martin (Div 4 K2) for coming 13th (32 boats), and so demonstrating what an overstern Mirage can do.
  • Well done to Morgan (ordinarily in Div 7) doubling her distance to paddle with Issy in Div 6 K2, and the boat narrowly beating Annette/Jemima to the line.
  • Well done to Faye (ordinarily in Div 7) jumping two Divs to paddle with Elly in Div 5 K2.
  • Well done to Zvi (Div 9) who put in the grunt work to lift himself upwards.
  • Sue Hurst was “over the moon” with her 3rd in Div 7 K2 with Alex. She put the result down, in part, to paddling at Pangbourne, and at Henley the previous week.

But of course, for all the good stories there are the other stories.

  • Nicole (Div 4) fell in 10m off the start, and Guy (Div 4) fell in on the course.  Both got going again to finish….Nicole overtaking Adam (Div 5) just before the finish.
  • Will/Roly (Div 3 K2) retired
  • James/Luke (Div 3 K2) were comfortably in the front group at the end of the first lap, but finished well back.
  • Shirav/Danny (Div 6 K2) were comfortably in the lead at the end of the first lap, but finished well back.

Observation: manoeuvrability is not a design feature of sprint boats and this can be a downside in difficult conditions, eg in marathon races when there can be very rough water, and when there can be turning around buoys.

Finally, positive mentions to:

Chloe (Div 5: now at Uni, going forward paddling for Falcon),

  • Andy (Div 7),
  • Gareth (Div 8),
  • Teresa (Div 8),
  • Ingrid/Louise (Div 8 K2),
  • Heather/Stella (Div 9 K2).

All in all a great day in a great location. Roll on 2020 Hasler Final hosted by Richmond!