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Pangbourne continues to be a great race. Paddlers came from as far away as Cambridge, Worcester, Southampton.
And 37 from Richmond…..


  • Div 1 Tom, 1st
  • Div 2 Lizzie, 1st
  • Div 3 Freya, 1st
  • Div 4 K2 Max/Tom, 1st
  • Div 8 James 1st, and P7
  • Div 8 K2 Catherine/Louis, 2nd and Catherine P8
  • Div 9 Tom 1st, and P7
  • Div 9 Mike 3rd, and P8
  • Div 9 K2 Alicja/Matilde, 2nd

11 paddlers in Div 9 K1…..Tom & Mike (above), then Attila, Poppy, Owen (C1), Jason, Grace, Siobhan, Frank (C1), David (C1) and Zvi.


  • Div 4 (31 boats on the start line)
  • Martin showed his residual strength in coming 14th;
  • Joshua had an off day came 21st;
  • Nicole had a swim about 500m off the start and had to swim to the other side of the river in order to get going again.
  • I had a total off day, and retired after one lap. Oh dear.
  • Div 5 (37 boats on the start line)
  • Returned from the southern hemisphere, Elly was just about mid table;
  • Chloe sporting her Oxford Falcon kit for the 2019/20 season was 22nd;
  • Eva further back.
  • Div 6 Harvey, 13th, did very well in his first race in this Div. (Annette/Jemima K2 result has gone missing).
  • Div 7 Faye 3rd. Andy, Hannah and Alex further back
  • Div 8 Julia, 7th, remained just below the promotion threshold. Sue further back.

Hasler final, Southampton, Sept 28th
Hasler race, Elmbridge, Oct 6th.