COVID-19: Richmond Canoe Club Update 23rd March 2020

All of the club facilities are now closed, with the exception of the main boathouse.

The whole of the first floor; gym, kitchen, ergos, changing rooms, toilets and club boats must not be used.


This update is based on the latest government advice (23rd March) that people may only leave their home for a few very specific reasons, including up to one session of exercise per day. They have also said that gatherings in public of more than two people are banned.

The importance of social distancing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19. This includes the sharing of equipment that could pass on the virus. It is also important for physical and mental well-being to enable people to exercise, as long as it is practical and safe to do so.

All club members should be following the latest government guidance and be aware that any changes to this could overrule any of the protocol below (see RCC website, Facebook and e-mail for latest updates).


Anyone who is recommended to self-isolate by government guidelines must not be at the club.


Richmond Canoe Club Operating Protocol during Social Distancing


To enable some members who have the experience and competence to paddle safely.

Who this applies to

This is only for members who have their own boats and paddles and are experienced to paddle on their own. Junior members may only use the club if accompanied by a single parent (or other adult member of their household) if both family members have their own boat.

Members who do not own their boats and paddles are not permitted to use any club facility.

Safety & Paddling

Members going paddling are doing so at their own risk and should do so in groups of no more than two. As always paddlers should review the RCC risk assessments and river conditions before going out on the water. They must have British Canoeing membership with insurance to cover their activities as they will not be covered by club insurance.


The main building and gym, ergos and social space are now closed. Changing rooms, toilets, showers and club boats must not be used.

The only access to the club is through the main boathouse door leading onto the towpath.

Members should only use the boathouses to gain access to their boats. Social distancing of two metres must be observed at all times. No crew boats should be used except if the paddlers also share the same home.

A first aid kit has now been placed in the main boatshed.

Operating Model

No more than two people can be present at the club, or on the pontoon at a time.

People are expected to arrive dressed ready to paddle promptly, get their own boats out, using appropriate alcohol based gel to wipe down any surfaces they touch.

They can then paddle while maintaining 2m separation.

On returning to the pontoon they should put away their own kit and head straight home. They must not hang around to meet other people.

If a paddler finds there is anyone preparing to go out when they are returning the paddler on the water will paddle past and wait for the pontoon to be clear before coming in.

As the upstairs of the club is now closed paddlers should bring their own full water bottle.


Any questions about the club’s response to coronavirus, or this protocol, may be sent to either:

Tom Sharpe (commodore@richmondcanoe.club)

David Leech (secretary@richmondcanoe.club)


Richmond Canoe Club Committee