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April Regatta/Euro Sprint and Senior World Cup Selection Recap

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Two weekends ago, we participated in the first National regatta of the season in Nottingham. Despite the challenging conditions, with winds so strong they transformed the event into what felt like a sailing rather than a canoeing competition, our team faced the elements with determination. The lightweight division found themselves particularly battling a veritable wind tunnel, leading to some of the slowest times on record for many.

Despite the gusty challenges, it was a landmark event with a significantly larger number of our paddlers competing at this level than previously. Participants ranged across all age groups—from U14 to Masters—showcasing the depth and breadth of our talent.

This event also gained an international flavour with a robust contingent from Ireland, making its presence felt. We notably missed Nick G, whose spirit was sorely missed among the team.

Performance Highlights:

Despite minimal preparation due to restricted river access over the winter, our athletes turned in a commendable performance. We celebrated victories across various age categories and secured crucial spots in A finals, with top three finishes in several selection races. Most notably, five of our athletes were selected for European and World Cup competitions: Ben, Dylan, Nelson, Areg, and Owen.

  • Euro and World Cup Selections:
    • Senior: Ben qualified for the Senior Euro and World Cup in C-2 500m.
    • U23: Dylan made an impressive showing with qualifications in U23 Euro K-1 200m, K-2 1000m, and K-4 500m.
    • Juniors: Nelson, Areg, and Owen all secured spots in various canoeing disciplines, ranging from K-1 200m to C-2 500m.

Ben, securing his place on the Senior European Team for the third consecutive year, continues to amaze us, prompting a forthcoming discussion about his secrets to success. Maia reached the A final in the K-1 200m senior category, a significant achievement given the strong competition and her additional responsibilities as a coach, cycling over 30 kilometers in challenging conditions.

Dylan, as a first-year U23, stood out by winning multiple races and just narrowly missing out on the top spot in the K-2 500m by a mere 0.1 seconds—a testament to his skill and determination.

Nelson consistently performed well across all U18 K-1 events, even managing to triumph in the K-2 500m U18 with a substantial lead, despite the fierce headwinds.

Our newcomers Owen and Areg made a strong impression among the seniors, delivering times and performances that promise great future competitions. Their performance in the grueling 5K was particularly noteworthy, with Owen keeping pace with the top seniors.

Annie, racing in the U18 category despite being U16, demonstrated her prowess and potential with top finishes, positioning her well for upcoming selections.

Our U16 boys squad, led by Isaac, Tom, and Connor, showed outstanding progress, with Isaac making a mark in the U18 category due to his exceptional speed. Tom dominated the U16 races, while Connor achieved his first A finals in significant distances.

Team and Community Spirit:

Despite the inclement weather, the team spirit remained high, bolstered by supportive junior parents and the warmth of the community, represented by shared cups of tea and biscuits in the team tent.

As we look forward to the June regatta and the upcoming World Junior/U23 selections, we hope for sunnier skies and continued strong performances, with a full team turnout and continued camaraderie.


This April regatta not only tested our resilience but also highlighted the vibrant spirit and camaraderie of our team. We are eagerly anticipating the next steps, hopeful for favourable weather and continued success.

Race report written by RCC coach Gabor.