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Thameside 1 Race Report

By 17 April 2012June 16th, 2012No Comments

Thameside 1 on Sunday 19 February was brilliant. Richmond, I am sure, had more paddlers on the water than any other Club – 11 K2s and 4 K1s.

At the elite end of things Richard and Alex came 1st and 2nd respectively in Mens K1, Paul/Rob 2nd in Mens K2 and Coralie/Ian 2nd in Mixed K2.

At the near elite level, Elisabeth/Martin were 6th in Mixed K2, Randall 6th in Vet K1, Chris Gavin 8th in Mens K1 and Mike/Will 9th in Mens K2.

At the sub near Elite level Karen found Justas to be an agreeable alternative to Geoff (away sailing in France) and Nicole did well with Euan (notwithstanding discussions on the M3 afterwards regarding whether the stroke rate was too high at times).

Nick paddled for the first time with Ian Sepion, and Klaudia rekindled her paddling partnership with Mike. There were some mechanical problems: Jemima/Roger suffered footrest & seat malfunctions, Matt/Harvey tended to steer in a series of alternating curves (although this was probably Harvey not the boat) and Peter/Marina had the annoying experience of the rear seat popping off the toggle on two occasions (even though it had previously been tightened down with max force).

Thanks to Heather (with Kevin the Navigator) for supporting us via the provision of CAR WITH THREE V BARS.

Waterside B on Feb 26th promises more (ie 50% more) of the same.

(and thanks to Chris Gavin for writing up the race report)

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