November 2012

Hare and Hounds Report – Great results for Richmond

A great turn out at the last Hare and Hounds at Wey Kayak Club. Some great results including an astounding time of just over 50 minutes by Renee (Apologies to Victoria Croucher who still holds the U14 record at a time of 47:27) Here are some interesting facts and stats.  Did you know… In total 52 paddlers took part in the Dash Hound and Hare & Hounds. Dash Hound .         Out of 41 junior boats 20 were Rich
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Richmond Win Cokethorpe Team Race at Oxford

Cokethorpe was for sure an unusual and quirky race, but most enjoyable nonetheless.  The race has been revamped in its entirely by Major James King (Richmond Canoe Club’s finest!) on behalf of Cokethorpe School. Teams could consist of between 2 and 4 boats and could be any combination of K2s and K1s. The teams had to paddle the 18 miles and 6 locks and stay within 5 boat lengths of each other, the idea being that peo
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Ladies Return from international Competition in China

China 2012 Gaby and Lizzie have just returned from Shanghai, where they were invited to race as part of an international team against the Chinese.  For once it wasn’t really about the racing, but we should probably mention it….   The first race was a 12km river loop of local town Shaoxing. The boats arrived about 20 minutes before the start of the race, leaving very little faff time to get set up and ready
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Richmond Dominate at Avon Decent.

Plenty of water was flowing over the 6 weirs that the 10 strong Richmond team had to negotiate down the River Avon last Sunday for the annual 10.5 mile Avon Decent Kayak race. The constant rain and muddy car park only added to the atmosphere! Freddy Purcell’s recent acquisition of a vaguely structured and disciplined training program proved itself. Dropping everyone one of the start, Freddy dominated the race from th
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Richmond Canoe Club Christmas Party!

Read this then click read more for full details… The Christmas party committee is working hard to ensure that this year’s Christmas party is going to be a thoroughly enjoyable evening. With this in mind, we need some volunteers to help make this happen.Volunteers are needed before the Christmas party to help with tidying up and moving gym equipment and after the party to help with the clean up. Also, we n
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