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Hare and Hounds Report – Great results for Richmond

By 20 November 2012October 10th, 2013No Comments

A great turn out at the last Hare and Hounds at Wey Kayak Club. Some great results including an astounding time of just over 50 minutes by Renee (Apologies to Victoria Croucher who still holds the U14 record at a time of 47:27)

Here are some interesting facts and stats.  Did you know…

In total 52 paddlers took part in the Dash Hound and Hare & Hounds.

Dash Hound

.         Out of 41 junior boats 20 were Richmond

·         For nine juniors this was their first event

·         The junior paddler who made the biggest improvement was Charlotte Alder – knocking three minutes off her previous time

·         The faster junior paddler was Ellie Tompkins  who finished in 33 minutes 30

·         In the top 10 fastest paddlers Richmond appears five times


Hare & Hounds

·         Out of the 97 boats 28 were Richmond

·         The Richmond seniors outnumbered the juniors 20:8

·         Rennie Myburg goes from strength to strength her time this TT being 50 minutes 25

·         In the top 10 fastest paddlers Richmond appears three times

·         Out fastest paddler, Hyman Samual,  came 3rd in 44 minutes 13

·         Star junior paddler is Milly Morgan who knocked off nearly two minutes of her previous time – so hopefully she now believes she is a racer.

Report by Sue Middlehurst