June 2015

Tim and Sue Middlehurst

After 4 and a half years of junior coaching at Richmond Canoe Club Tim and Sue Middlehurst have decided to take a break. Tim’s wrist operation prompted by damage caused by falling off his bike a year ago, Sue’s forthcoming shoulder operation prompted by a lot of paddling, and a two stage wedding, in Byfleet and in Texas have all contributed to their decision. Over the last 4 years or so, Tim and Sue have been the dri
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Maidstone, Royal and upcoming races – sign up!

  Maidstone up this Sunday and Royal next week. If you have already signed up, please can you check that your details are correct on the list (links below), or let Will (marathon@richmondcanoeclub.com) know if you are not down but do intend on racing. Maidstone Royal Entries are due by Friday before the races so please let him know by Thursday pm if possible so we have time to check them all before sending. Next
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Club Life – Weekend 7 June report

The big event at the weekend was the Nottingham regatta. I only saw Sean Martin returning to the Club with paddles under his arm and trailer of boats in the car park. The local event was a pincer movement on Tim and Sue’s house in West Byfleet. John and Annette with 6 juniors (Joshua, Cosima, Carlos, Marlene, Melody and Max) left the Club at about 0910h, with a mission to paddle to Elmbridge, then River Wey, up
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Bikes stored overnight in the Club – action needed!

Please see the below message from Harbour Master: Hi all  At 6am this morning the bike rack in the boathouse was full. Since there were 6 people at the club I guess a lot of these bikes are being stored there on a semi permanent basis. I’m sure you are all well aware of the relevant boathouse regulations but just to remind you  3.18 – Bicycle owners may place temporarily their bicycles in the Boathouse at their
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London Youth Games – Junior kayak sprint triumph

Richmond Canoe Club junior kayakers celebrated success last weekend (6 June) in a kayak sprint competition – the event was part of the London Youth Games. The games involve teams from each of the 33 London boroughs and include events from archery to volleyball – last weekend the focus was on some of the water sports, this included the 200m kayak sprint event. Competitors were thankful for sunny, warm conditions
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