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Wey marathon:

Tom won Div 1
Andras/Luke won Div 3 K2

Freya had a good battle in Div 3. She was in a small group near the finish, cunningly biding her time on the wash of a Senior Female (ex Rowing Blue, now at Falcon CC, Oxford).
Rounding the turn just below the Club, she pressed the Go Mode button and launched herself to finish comfortably ahead… 5th in a field of 15 boats.

Dylan was 2nd (in a field of 17) in Div 5 and is P4
James R was 2nd (in a field of 16) in Div 6 and is P5
Div 9 K2 saw RIC coming 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Fabrizio/Claudia, Ingrid/Louise, Heather/Stella).

Div 4 K1 was a different story.
Well good: in a field of 30 boats, Roly was 7th and Joshua 14th.
Less good: Martin retired (no Go Mode); Melody had boat issues and had to stop mid- race for a few minutes; Thor fell in towards the end (where the bank was covered in nettles, and where the water was chest deep).

These 3 paddlers along with Tim G, Iain F, Tony GN and Ludy all received a D?
Which sounds like a record for one Club in one Division.
And it would have been D? x 8 if I had been paddling.
Looking on the bright side, improvement only comes through participation.

Div 7 K1 saw no Danny. He had been biffed before the start, fell in, and the start went off without him. Cold. He retired.
Shortest paddler (Shirav, 5th) beat tallest paddler (Adam, 6th).

Georgie entered her first race in Div 6 (transport contraints meant she had to borrow a Trimmer made available after the lower Div races).
Did not get a D?, so looks like she is stuck in Div 6.

Also in red were, Guy, Mike Pigott, Anthony, Chloe, Alex, Rafa, Faye, Fernando, James Hills, Julia, Chris S, Una, Michalis, Owen, Sue and Clive/Jemima.