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Hastings Hasler Race Results 19th May 2019

By 24 May 2019June 16th, 2019No Comments

All results here

Commentary from Peter Barnes
Trishan fell in before the start (but went on to be 3rd in Div 9)
James Hills had to pit stop at the Club when his footrest became detached (but got going again in another boat to finish in Div 8)
Danny fell in when looking back to see how far he was in front (but went on to finish in Div 7).
Ludy, in Div 4, decided to do a contraflow at the first turn and got hammered by Div 5 K2s (including the Peter/Georgina boat) going anticlockwise.
Will, rebooting his race career after last year’s Hasler Final, had two stops because of T bar issues (but was not last in Div 3).

There was good news….
In Div 2, in a field of 7, Jane was 4th. Ace.
In Div 4, in a field of 17, Jack was 3rd, James Rushby was 5th (following P5 at Wey and P4 at Maidstone), and Joshua was 6th.
In Div 6, Elly was 3rd and P5
In Div 7, Adam was 2nd and P6; Fernando was 6th (following P7 at Maidstone)
In Div 9, Michail was 1st and P8

Honourable mentions..
Tom (2nd in Div 1, winning run came to an end), Freya, Tony GN, Tony W, Mike P, Eve, Gareth, Una, Zvi.